Lucky Fishing Sonar

The Lucky Brand has been working on portable fishing sonar products since 2003. The product spectrum include entry-level pony series, professional-level knight series, smart series, watch series, etc. We establish win-win cooperation relationship with our clients based on stable product performance, high cost performance, and better service .

916 Lucky Smart  fishing sonar

The 916 Smart Series  can connect to a mobile phone with Wi-Fi compatible with IOS and Android systems. The phone can be turned to a portable fishing device by downloading apps, It can help you find the location of the fish more quickly. It’s suitable for young fashionable fishermen who love digital.


718 Lucky hand holder fishing sonar

The 718 Lucky hand holder fishing sonar is one of Lucky’s most popular fish finder. With its durable fuselage, sophisticated technology, stable performance and popularity, this product has become the leading fish finder by user selection. It is also one of the most successful fish finder in so many years.

Post time: Mar-07-2019
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